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Pigeon Point

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Home of the the most famous jetty in the world!

Pigeon Point beach is located on the south-western end of Tobago and is about 20 minutes from Scarborough and 5 minutes from the Crown Point International Airport. It is one of the most popular beaches in Tobago.

The sand at Pigeon Point is one of Tobago’s finest with a seashell tint and the water”s colour, a mixture of bright turquoise and teal. This beach is well known for the constant hub of activities partly due to its proximity to the ANR Robinson International Airport and the major hotels which surround it.

Along the roadside, before entering the Pigeon Point park, one will find dive shops, tour operators, road side vendors selling an assortment of beach paraphernalia, locally made crafts and even cold coconut water.

The beach makes up part of the Pigeon Point Heritage Park. Visitors, upon paying the entrance fee of $18.00, may enjoy the park in its entirety: secure parking, washroom facility and changing rooms, small shops, seating areas that include thatched-roof huts ideal for picnicking, the occasional live entertainment, and the leisurely stroll in the park.


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