Parlatuvier Bay

Parlatuvier Bay is located in the north eastern end of the island and is about 50 minutes drive from Scarborough.
Because it is partly sheltered the water is quite calm with small lapping waves.This beach is gentle sloping with sand resembling brown sugar crystals. There are clusters of coconut palms that provide ample shade ideal for relaxing under.

Entering Parlatuvier Bay is a slow flowing river and visitors to this beach usually express pleasure bathing at the river mouth, where the river meets the sea. There is also a jetty that is excellent for diving, fishing, or for just surveying the bay.

Visitors may also enjoy snorkelling along the shoreline but must exercise caution since this tucked away venue has no lifeguard. Fishing is part of the village livelihood so small fishing boats line the shore and bob in the clear blue waters.

Dotting the landscape around the bay and along the nearby hills are the homes, small shops and a school that makes up the village of Parlatuvier.